Friday, July 16, 2010

Tlaloc toys with us

Tlaloc has been lurking in our area, playing with our hopes and emotions. But, so far, he has not lingered long. Here for a couple of instants, then gone in a mist.

We await.


Warren said...

Same story in the Tucson area, a few teasers then it blows away.
We await.

sheri said...

same here in the bluegrass! oh, there have been a few moments where it will fall quietly and then be gone but NOTHING like the storms that are a weekly event here. this is so unusual!

Lucy said...

Best get out there and do a rain dance Cat! At least he's got an easier name than Huitzilopochtli.

Steve said...

We got some nuch needed rain last night. I'll sleep cooler this evening.

kathew said...

that's because he's been up here in the Pacific Northwest...far too long! What a wet and soggy spring and summer we have had...I like your photo-stark reality. Cheers! Do a rain dance!