Monday, August 23, 2010

More monsoon clouds . . and a surprise!

I just can't resist photographing these wonderful clouds.

(They're more impressive if you click on the photos)

But I didn't notice the visitor in this scene until after I looked at the photos on my computer.

Here's a closer look.

It's a helicopter!

If he noticed me, he probably think's I'M a spy!


  1. I love clouds. This reminds me that I have been told that there are film editors whose specific duty is to watch a film to see if something snuck in so it could be telephone wires in a western or Moses with a lawnmower on the hill behind him.

  2. I just watched a movie where the "continuity person" must have been asleep. In the first scene, John Malkovich is in an office standing behind a chair. Then they cut to a reverse shot and he's still standing but is in front of the chair just before he sits down! One of my long-ago friends used to work as a continuity person on films to avoid such a mistake.

  3. I too love looking at the clouds, these pictures are beautiful. Nice bonus to include the helicopter...Hugs

  4. N. C. Wyeth would love these clouds.

  5. awesome clouds
    I call that sky heart ache blue
    glad you posted