Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My girls

Everyone knows that a cat will adopt a box. Any box. And the cat will adapt to the size and the shape of the box. Jazz has adopted this shallow box.

She has fallen in love with this box and spends hours every day curled up in it.

Then, there's another thing about cats. They seem to inherently know . . . what they look best on. They seek out a fabric, a color, a texture and seem most comfortable posing on it. Muggles has taken to this chair.

Does she look happy or not?

I think you can see why I love my girls.


Katherine said...

Oh my yes! She looks very contented & pleased with herself indeed.
I know exactly what you mean about boxes, actually with our cat it is anything that he can climb in to.
Your girls are just lovely!

Meggie said...

Gorgeous photos of your girls!
Morty loves his box...but this evening he began eating some of it!!

Lucy said...

Muggles looks like a tapestry!