Friday, January 22, 2010

Before the storm . . .

There's a house on my regular route to visit my pal, Reed, that has a couple of metal giraffes standing guard in the yard, gazing out toward the road.

But recently, when I went by, I noticed that an accident had occurred. The baby giraffe had toppled to the ground, perhaps blown over by the wind, perhaps just worn out and taking a nap. But it was an unnerving sight, which I share with you now.

Stiff-legged, mouth agape. It doesn't look good. But I am convinced that when I go by again, baby will be restored to life.

More snow in Arizona

Yes, it's snowing again in Arizona.

This is taken from the foot of snow-covered Glassford Hill. That's not smoke in the center of the photo, even though Glassford once was a volcano. It's just a smudge on my car window, I think.

One can hardly see the hill as more snow is blowing in.

It's going to be a great weekend to stay home and warm.