Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Read It and Weep!

Here's what the national weather forecast map looks like for the United States this afternoon.

And here's what the thermometer was reading on the outside of our front window at about the same time.

Now I just ask "where would you rather live?"


  1. I do what I can, Bug, I do what I can.

  2. It's 14 degrees with "light freezing fog" here. I'm booking my plane ticket now.

  3. 'Course you have that problem of how to get to the airport!

  4. Hey Lad-
    tis a bit better yet, out here in the real west. It was 75 in SLO this afternoon.

  5. I was shoveling snow at 06:30 this morning to get the car out of the garage. Good thing all of the old stuff has melted. We got about 3 inches and it's still coming down.

  6. Tom - I could handle that 75 - all year around!

    Steve - Condolences!

  7. Hope you got a spare bed ready ;)

    Our weather has been crazy this year. It was -10c yesterday and expecting +5c with rain and fog tomorrow.


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