Monday, January 24, 2011

True Grit

SWMBO and I went to the movies this afternoon to see True Grit.  That's the new Joel and Ethan Coen version of the great movie originally made by the late John Wayne.  Wayne won his only Oscar for playing the scruffy lawman Rooster Cogburn in 1969.  And he was great.

The new version of True Grit, while basically following the same story as in the original (which was based on a novel by Charles Portis) is perhaps a bit darker than the original.  And Rooster Cogburn is even scruffier than Wayne's version, as played by Jeff Bridges.

But he, too, is great in the role.  I was talking to another couple as we were leaving the theatre and we all agreed that while the stories were pretty much the same the two movies were different and the portrayals of Cogburn were different.  But both great performances.

The Coens are fine movie makers.  SWMBO thinks they're a little too violent but she loved "Fargo", as did virtually everyone I know.  I don't think she saw "No Country For Old Men" but I did and thought it was another great movie.

This kind of rambled.  Just go see "True Grit".  Either one.


Tom Cochrun said...

the little girl was also terrific. damon was good as the texas ranger--a kind of dudley do-right don't you think?

quilteddogs said...

Loved both of them. Still cannot decide who/which I liked the best. I really loved Robert Duvall as Ned Pepper and I'm not much of a Matt Damon fan. The cinematography (sp?)in the new one was incredibly beautiful.

Catalyst said...

Tom - Yes and I'm glad to see she got an Oscar nomination this morning. Damon seems to be trying to change his image - first the simpering Texas Ranger in True Grit, next Liberace's lover!

QD - I had forgotten Robert Duvall was the bad guy in the first one. I'm a big fan of his. And you're right about the cinematography . . very much a trademark of Coen Brothers films.