Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The weather is changing.  There's a cold breeze out there tonight.  Possible rain, possible snow is on the way.  The moon is 98 percent full tonight but shrouded in clouds.

It's a Sherlock Holmes kind of night.  One could imagine hearing the howling of the hounds on the moors.  If one had hounds.  And moors.

What could protect me against the terrors of the night?  There's only one hope.

My faithful companion.  Blackwell.  The blackest of cats.


georgene lockwood said...

Great cat photo. And love the new name. What kind of camera do you use?

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Georgene. The camera is just a little Nikon Coolpix digital.

Steve said...

Those are some wild eyes.

Tom Cochrun said...

Rain probably coming your way. Big storm dropping in on us from North West. 3 low pressure systems. Expecting lots of snow above 2,500, plenty of rain down here with winds and high surf. Could be a hummer by the time it gets over the plans.

quilteddogs said...

That is one scary lookin' cat. Good photo of him because I know he does not look all that scary in real life.

Catalyst said...

Steve - Well, he was wild when we found him.

Tom - Thanks a lot. We're braced.

QD - No, he's a sweetie who tends to follow me around the house like a puppy dog.

Tess Kincaid said...

The full moon was beautifully haunting as it rose, in my neck of the woods, tonight.