Tuesday, February 15, 2011


O.K.  This is my second.  I'm kind of proud of it.

It's actually round!  Well, mostly.  My first one was shaped sort of like an infected kidney.  But I figured out how to roll one out with a rolling pin and made this one mostly round.  I also doped it with a lot of sauce, a lot of cheese and a lot of pepperoni.  And a lot of Italian seasoning.

My second one was a lot better than the first one.  I should have baked this one a little longer to firm up the crust a bit but I'm learning.

Now, if I could just be a little more patient with my photography . . .


  1. Home made pizzas are the best - if its a thick base try cooking it a couple of minutes before adding the topping - cooking longer when its all made up can overdo the topping (believe me its the voice of many years experience talking!)

  2. Would SWMBO consider a husband swap? Your new-found cooking skills could make you fairly hot property you know!

  3. Steve - Me, too.

    Jane - Actually we've grown partial to thin crusts but thanks for the tip.

    Lucy - I think not. She's been waiting nearly 40 years for this!

  4. why it looks like a work of art
    and yummy
    brave of you to even try

  5. Suz - It's actually not that hard. Our bread machine made the dough. SWMBO helped with the first one after I ran into trouble. This one I made all on my own. As I said, it could have baked for a bit longer to firm up the crust a bit but it was tasty.

  6. Looks good to me!! Glad to see pizza working out for you. It can be a real difficult beast to tame.

  7. Oh, yum. Save me a big slice! Did you make the dough in your bread machine? I do and it's so incredibly easy.

  8. Tombo - You are correct, sir!

    Tess - Yes, I did make the dough in the bread machine and you're right, it is easy.


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