Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow again

Well, I've done it again - bragged about our wonderful, balmy, warm Arizona weather to all of my friends in much colder and snowier climes.  And this is what I get for it.

The weatherman says we may have 4 inches or more by tomorrow but the temperature is forecast to go up to the 50's by Monday so this will not last.

The worst part is that the wet, sticky snow messes up my television reception because it sticks to the satellite dish and blocks the signal from coming through.  I've been up on a ladder brushing it off and even sprayed the dish with silicone spray but so far that's not working.  Next up: cooking spray.  Or maybe WD-40.  That's supposed to fix everything.


Anonymous said...

I have snow up to my neck. Okay... so I'm short but still it's a lot of snow. I have an icicle hanging from my roof that I named Excalibur. And as for my satellite dish... don't get me started!
Enjoy your few flakes... lol :)

Catalyst said...

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn - this too shall pass.

Steve said...

Rain does the same thing to our dish.

quilteddogs said...


Jerry said...

We've had a remarkably cold winter here in Houston. I'm hoping the freeze two weeks ago was the last.