Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fickle cats . . . and some feckin' laughs

Have you ever noticed . . when you want a nice face-on profile of one of your darlin' kitties, how they just refuse to pose for you?  There must be something about that camera lens.  They just won't look into it.

Blackwell looks off to the side.

Jazz looks to the other side.

And Muggles just turns his back.

Cats.  Can't live with 'em.  Can't live without 'em.

But now for something entirely different.  If you're Irish, you might be offended by the language.  Or not.  Anyway . . the following is for adults.


The Bug said...

A friend posted this on facebook - HILARIOUS!

Meggie said...

Your kitty pics make me want another cat! Morty is such a stand-offish little fellow. He does love our son though and it is possibly because his room is a 'dogfree zone'.

Stafford Ray said...

Oi like dem cheap floights!
But I loike dat feckin cheap flooight song better! Ain't it de troot!

Lucy said...

But did you see their other one about 'dogging'?!

This is topical and popular in our neck of the woods and did the rounds a while back. I remember going to see them about 25 years ago, I'm sure they weren't as rude then!

Catalyst said...

Lucy, I hadn't but I looked it up and watched it. Hmmmmm. What else goes on in your neck of the woods? ;^/