Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing a new artist

A very good friend of mine, one Ed Stattman of Indianapolis, has a facile mind.  He has sent me several things for my blog, once he knew I had one.  Most of them were too obscene to publish here.  But today he has come through.  He didn't send it for my blog but only to amuse me.  Surprise, Ed, you've hit the big time. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the following is by a great artiste, Ed Stattman.

California prepares for The Big One


SACRAMENTO – Governor Brown advises:

If we have a big earthquake please

Pretend we all are Japanese.

Walk calmly to a public shelter.

Do not panic helter-skelter.

If all of us will follow suit,

We will not pillage, shoot or loot.

If darkness reigns for some brief time,

Let us not go committing crime.

Line up for gas without a din

Of honking; rather sit and grin.

Children, teens, fathers, mothers;

Be sure that you are kind to others

Who cannot buy what you afford.

So share with them and do not hoard.

There is no more for me to state.

Please join me as I meditate.


Tom Cochrun said...

Ed is an original!

Tess Kincaid said...


Catalyst said...

Ed is an excellent original.

Steve said...

Good advice for one and all.