Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watch List

If you're a fan of international intrigue, have I got a book, AND AN AUTHOR, for you!  The book is "Watch List" and the author is Steve Glossin.  Many of you may know Steve as a blogger who photographs and describes the antics of the squirrels he feeds on his balcony in Germany.  But Steve is also a writer.  He has published three books (available on Amazon as eBooks and instantly downloadable to your Kindle reader.)  They are, in addition to "Watch List", "Death Mask" and "Prophecy of the Medallion." 

I have just finished "Watch List", having read over half of it this afternoon.  It is a mesmerizing tale of the Knights of Malta and a modern-day brother and sister team searching for a secret from their ancestors going back centuries.  The Catholic Church, a Maltese Mafia and others are all involved.  If you like books by Robert Ludlum and his like, you'll love "Watch List" as the intrigue, the violence and, yes, the sex keep you turning pages.

I am proud to say that Steve Glossin is my friend but even if I'd never met him (on the Web) I would recommend this book. 


Steve Glossin, Author


Stafford Ray said...

It's time I saved up for a Kindle. IXL has one and loves it... and one can download e-books and get to read authours the paper publishers miss. To save me gettng back to the beach photo (I have a slow wireless connection) let me say that poor fellow doesn't eat breakfast or lunch or dinner, he eats all of them in one sitting several times a day!

Steve said...

Bruce, thanks for the kind words.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

Meggie said...

ah, I find I am intrigued and must read this exciting sounding tale.