Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mystery Train

Ever seen a railroad crossing like this one?

There don't seem to be any tracks!

And I gather this is some type of switching tool for changing tracks around but one of you old time railroad buffs will have to either confirm or correct that.

Well the fact of the matter is that this was once a roadbed for a railroad line but it's long abandoned and now has been converted into a trail for hiking.

Now that's nice but did you read the fine print carefully?

With that type of warning I think I'll confine my hiking to a nice enclosed shopping mall!


Jarart said...

This is a great trail. I can ride my bike from PV to Prescott on this trail through the rocks of the Dells and onto the Peevine trail past Watson lake and over to 89 at Prescott Lakes. About 2 miles in there is a cross set up where a hiker died on the Iron King Trail. It didn't say from what though. I saw a coyote once, but no big cats or snakes. Yet.
When my husband worked for the railroad many moons ago, he used those rails that are missing to go all the way to Cleator. He says you are right about the gizmo in the third picture.

Catalyst said...

Thanks, Judy and your husband, for confirming my suspicion. And I congratulate your bravery for venturing all that way on our area's excellent trails system.

Steve said...

Neat post. Enjoyed it.

Catalyst said...

Danke, Steve

Lowandslow said...

Years ago I was into backpacking and camping, but I would only go in the winter (too cold for snakes), and even then I was uncomfortable worring about what critter was out there watching me, licking his chops.

I like your choice of mall roughing-it. With age comes wisdom, right? :)


Catalyst said...

S - I'm with you. Last time I went camping, I heard gunshots in the middle of the night. Time before that a bunch of drunks came in loudly about 1 o'clock in the morning and set up right next to my camp. Give me a nice hotel any day.