Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Please forgive the use of the word "family" above but it seems that once you get to know someone really well through the blogosphere, they become part of your family.  One such person is Meggie, away down in Australia.  She has just recently lost her husband, Les, after 45 years of marriage.  He was known as GOM, for Grumpy Old Man, on her blog.  They had some rough times together, as he would pull up her plants, mistaking them for weeds, or rearrange the kitchen according to HIS wants so Meggie couldn't find things.

But they had many, many good times together, too.  Many of those good times Meggie related on her blog as well.  Now she has to slowly accustom Les/GOM's favorite dog, Leo, to the fact that his master is gone.  Time and the love of friends, family and "strangers" from all over the globe will help Meggie through the difficult days.

So, if you knew her from her blog, Life's Free Treats, or from anywhere else, be kind and send her a message or a comment on her blog.  She needs us now.


Katherine said...

Hi Catalyst .. my time in the blogger world has been reduced to almost nothing of late due recent changes in life. I do not know Maggie yet through your kindhearted & empathetic post I am moved by her situation. She is surely blessed to have you as a friend.

Mike said... sorry to hear this. I will send her a message on FB.

Lucy said...

Thanks for telling us Cat - I've not been to or heard from Meggy for a bit but I remember her well, and GOM and the dogs, so I'll head on over.

Meggie said...

Bless you Cat.XX