Thursday, June 2, 2011


FACEBOOK, as some of you know, is one of those "social networking" sites.  I joined it awhile back, then got off it when a former colleague of many years ago got "pissy" with me, then got back on it with limited "friend"-ships.  Sometimes I post, sometimes I comment, but mostly I just read stuff that others have brought to the site.  One of my longtime bookseller pals, J. Godsey, seems to spend an unconsciounable amount of time turning up interesting items.  For example . . this bit of information.

Later, she turned up a great list of non-fiction articles which I suppose I could have found on my own if I read the Atlantic.  But I'm having enough trouble trying to keep up with my New Yorker subscription.  But there's some interesting reading on that list, like the article about Trader Joe's.

Then there's Turner Classic Movies, one of the few commercial sites to which I subscribe.  They send out tips on upcoming films they'll be showing on television.

Of course, I had to subscribe to my Arizona Diamondbacks site, which tells me lots about my favorite team.

Then there's my blogger pal, Joan Perry who keeps me up to date on restaurant news from Charleston, as well as a ton of other items about the city.

I could go on and on but I think I've given you enough information on what keeps me turning to FACEBOOK.  With all of that and blogging and e-mail and much more on the Internet, I'm having trouble getting through two books I recently brought home from the library.

Good thing I'm retired so I have all this spare time! 


Tom Cochrun said...

We are probably better off reading novels--unless the literary talent is spreading his or her jewels on FB.

It is extraordinary how much time the net draws from us

Thérèse said...

Nice post!
I am a Trader Joe's fan, without one too far I would move...

Anonymous said...

The amount of information out there is mind boggling. I seriously need an internet break and time with a book.

Catalyst said...

Tom - I have two non-fiction books from the local library waiting on me a biography of William Styron, the other of J.D. Salinger. Don't seem to have time for novels these days though Judy just finished one by le Carre.

Therese - I've had to make my TJ's visits to Phoenix but we're getting one up here early next year. Hooray!

Dawn - We all need a break from the web now and then.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I pretty much stopped reading when I got a laptop. My reading was mostly for entertainment purposes so not sure how much of a loss it has been. I do get a kick out of facebook and am honored to count you as a FB friend!

Jerry said...

I canceled my Facebook account simply because I was never comfortable with the way they operated and grew more uneasy as time passed. I am glad that it has become a rich source of information for you.