Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My former colleague and long-time friend Tommy the C sent a short e-mail today, gigging me a bit about my lack of posts of late.  So . . . here's a compendium of my most original thoughts recently.

When Rupert Murdoch got pied this morning during a hearing before a Parliamentary committee in London, the only hero was . . no, not Rupert . . no, not James . . no, not the pie tosser (a supposed comedian) . . and no, certainly not the rather spineless questioners among the MPs;  no, the hero of the day was Rupert's wife, Wendy, who leaped up and slapped the pie tosser with a long, right arm.  One of the typically idiot MPs later complimented Wendy on her left cross.

 = = =

It's been hot across the nation this week.  But nothing out of the ordinary here in Arizona.  108 in Phoenix today.  About 85 up here.  We had a little rain today.  Ho hum.  Just normal.

= = =

My Diamondbacks have been on a bit of a run lately.  Until tonight.  Right now it's 11 to 3 in favor of Milwaukee in the 9th inning.  Might be a hill to high to climb.  Yup, it was.  Game over.

= = =

The Republican presidential field continues to grow.  Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer is going to announce tomorrow.  Texas Governor . . oh, wait a sec . . . oh, yeah, Rick Perry.  I had to Google it to remember his name.  He's apparently thinking more and more about taking the bait.  And yet another group of Big Biz money men are trying to convince New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie to get in.  And Michelle Bachmann's people were roughing up a reporter trying to ask about her migraine headaches.  Does this sound like a crazy campaign to you?  Too?

= = =

So, yadda yadda yadda.  You see?  I really haven't had much to say lately.


Steve said...

I like this. Don't have to surf the net when I can get all that's important at one site.

Lowandslow said...

Politics today has become almost slapstick. I wonder what Ben Franklin and the boys would have thought of it?


Thérèse said...

Politics are certainly not anymore what it was and I am wondering "what will it become?"
Bragging about the temperature?? ;-))

Tom Cochrun said...

All right, everything is normal again-the Catalyst is back. Your yadda, yadda, yadda is a bright spot.
Its great to see how you have nothing to say! Entertaining as well.

Catalyst said...

Steve - Well, I'm not sure of that. But thanks.

Scott - Oh, they probably would have loved it.

Therese - Y'know I love to chide those people complaining about the heat!

Tom - Methinks you are easily entertained.