Friday, July 15, 2011


This is a fairly common sight in my town.  You see, once upon a time this was a huge cattle ranch, owned by the Fain family.  Little by little the Fains either donated or sold the land so Prescott Valley could be established.  But not all of it.  So that's why you can frequently find cattle grazing within sight of town buildings and residences.

So far, it's an easy accomodation and everybody lives with it.

'Course there are these two who seem to be doing a line from the movie "Taxi Driver" - "Hey, are you lookin' at me?"

By the way, this was not an original idea.  Jarart/Judy did it first last month and better than I did.  You can see her post here.


Everyday Goddess said...

They do seem to be quite good at ignoring their neighbors.

carollynde said...

I'm go glad you live in an integrated community. :)

Catalyst said...

Goddess - Yes. As they might say out here, they don't pay them no nevermind.

Carol - You're pretty funny, you know that?

Steve said...

Ride-em, cowboy.

Lucy said...

Way cool cattle!