Thursday, October 6, 2011


I was a big critic of George W. Bush during his presidency, for a lot of things but largely because of his crippled syntax.  But he looks darn near eloquent, next to Sarah Palin.

I quote from Ms. Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren on why she decided not to seek the presidency in 2012.

"I concluded that I can be an effective voice and a real decisive role in helping get true public servants elected to office, not just in the presidency, but we have 33 senate seats coming up, we have a House of Representatives that we need to strengthen in numbers, conservatives who understand that our country has got to get back on the right track economically here and governors' seats around the nation."

Now, I ask you: does that make any sense?

Does Sarah Palin ever make any sense?

W, we hardly new ye.


  1. She's like a female Yogi Berra, except not as loveable. Or as funny. Or as smart.


  2. ... and we keep listening to her...

  3. Well, we keep listening in the same way that we listened to Yogi - what in the world will come out of her mouth next?

  4. Give her a break, she can't help it.

  5. Here is the really scary part, there are people who think she would have made a great president and nothing she says has changed their "minds".

  6. I had a couple of pages of Bushisms I used to use with English learners here, as an exercise in identifying and correcting the errors, grammatical, logical or factual, and often all three. It was a good one, but I don't think SP's utterance here would work as it would be almost impossible to correct, since it's totally unclear what she was even trying to say.

  7. I think she doomed herself right off the bat when she said, "....I can be an effective voice..".


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