Monday, October 31, 2011


Looking at this picture may make you wonder whether that electrical cord is plugged into the Jack-o-lantern or into the cat.

It is Halloween and our black cat, Blackwell, seems intent on something.  I wonder if it's a mouse.

Aha!  It's his little sister, Muggles.  You will notice how cautiously she enters the room.

She circles around, keeping a close eye on Jack and Blackwell.

Having circumvented the two perceived threats, she settles down at a safe distance to study this bizarre creature.  Blackwell appears to have gone to get something to eat.

Having satisfied her curiousity and abated her fear, she heads for the other room for a nap, taking one last closer look at Jack.

But, is she safe?  She may think so but she's apparently forgotten Blackwell.  He, however, hasn't forgotten her. 


That's the end of my Halloween story.  If you can do better, have at it!