Sunday, July 22, 2012


What happened in Aurora, Colorado was . . . and unfortunately the word "again" must be inserted here . . . madness.  It leaves one speechless after the repetition of an act that occurs much too often in our country, in our world.  So . . hug your children and your other loved ones.  Find solace, perhaps, in the blessings of nature. 


  1. It saddens me just how routine these tragedies have become. The networks have graphics up in a matter of hours and these creeps get their moment of fame. Isn't there something we can do about this, other than arming everyone?

  2. It's a generational thing that I don't understand. I just shake my head.

  3. So true, Bruce.
    This looks much like the rainbow in the picture on Moscow daily photo today.

  4. It is sad, and reduction of the availability of guns does not stop slaughter , but it does reduce it.
    I am a bit loath to criticize, but a few months ago I saw a pic in a magazine of people at a BBQ in Nevada where everyone was wearing guns in holsters.
    Made me wonder, what would have to happen to cause one of those people to draw a gun. That begs the question, doers it not? If nobody is prepared to draw, why wear one?
    Clearly it is a political statement but I could think of a more constructive one!

  5. Regrettably, Stafford, people wearing guns is becoming more and more common in Arizona, too.


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