Friday, August 24, 2012


I fear my Arizona Diamondbacks season may be nearly over.  Yes, they still have nearly 40 games left to play and they are in reach of their division leaders.  But.  They seem to have lost the will.  Tonight they were thrashed by the lowly San Diego Padres, 5 to nothing. 

Earlier today it was announced that their color announcer, Mark Grace, had taken a leave of absence for personal reasons.  That came after he was busted in Scottsdale for Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol).  That was the second time in two years for Mr. Grace.  He was driving a vehicle that did not have one of those interlock devices that doesn't let you drive if your alcohol content is too high.  Supposedly that was part of his terms for his last bust a year ago.

This compounds the mystery of where is Daron Sutton?  And why?  The broadcast voice of the Diamondbacks has been missing from the microphone for over two months.  The club says he's been suspended for an unexplained reason.  Sutton early said he hadn't been suspended but needed some time to work out a personal problem.  Neither of these two explanations hold water.  Rumor is it that he was suspended because he insisted on wearing a suit and tie to broadcast numerous games and the club wanted him to wear a team polo shirt.  Is that ridiculous?

Another rumor is that Sutton is trying to negotiate a contract with a new team.  Vin Scully is very near retirement with the Dodgers and that position would tempt Sutton, whose father pitched for them for many years.  But, as we've already said - who knows?

So, the Diamondbacks stumble along.  Manager Kirk Gibson is pissed, reportedly, about his team's uneven performance.  But in this type of environment, who can tell?

There are way too many who's with this ballclub.


Stephen Hayes said...


Steve said...

The A's are holding their own this year.

Bruce Taylor, a.k.a. Catalyst said...

Yes and we sent them Stephen Drew to help out!

Tom Cochrun said...

Maybe it is really
Who cares?

Lowandslow said...

I understand our local team is doing pretty well and the fans are quite enamored with them so I guess they're off the table, but if it will make you feel any better I'll give you the Dallas Cowboys and throw in Southfork Ranch as a bonus. All better?


The Bug said...

We didn't stay up for the game, but it looks like Arizona lost to the Reds last night. At least the Reds are real contenders this year.

I figure my Braves will push through & last long enough to die in the playoffs - same as it ever was!