Thursday, August 23, 2012


When I posted a call for help with a printer problem earlier today . . that help arrived promptly from a reliable source.  I should have known just to email him first.  But, hell, I needed something to blog about anyway and I hate to bother him as he is busy in his new career.  Where once he was an IT professional (and you'll have to ask someone what that means because I've forgotten) . . he made an early life course correction and is now heavily engaged in the culinary industry.  I expect someday he will become a captain of industry.  But thank you, Tombo Check, for taking time from your busy day to help out an old friend.

Mr. Check


  1. Printers have really gotten inexpensive. It's the ink that costs. Good on Mr. Check.

  2. Glad your printer is working like a champ...


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