Friday, October 5, 2012


Chipper Jones played his last game with the Atlanta Braves tonight after a 19 year career with just one team.  But his career ended on a sour note from his team's fans.

The game became controversial with a bad infield fly rule call that came late as the St. Louis shortstop and left fielder both failed to catch the ball.  Atlanta fans went berserk and held up the game for a long 19 minutes by tossing beer cans and liquor bottles on the field.

There is a tradition of fans growing angry at umpires' calls that go against their team.  But even though it appeared this was a terrible call, the terrible acts of a lot of Atlanta fans was even worse.  It makes me wonder if American fans are going the way of the soccer rowdies in Europe.

St. Louis won the game 6 to 3 and ended the Braves' season.

Atlanta's manager told the umpires he was officially playing the game under protest.  A ruling is expected later tonight.


  1. Regardless of the sport, I hate it when an umpire's call decides a game. What a shame.


  2. Too bad a bunch of unhappy people cast a dark cloud over the game they claim to love.

  3. Some one has to lose. The Soccer fans or I should say holigans in Europe are really bad.

    Go A's.

  4. Ooh - I was SO mad about that call! I have no idea why the umpire decided to call something so obscure (& obviously wrong) that changed the outcome of the game. Well, it PROBABLY changed it - the Braves were playing so badly that they might not have capitalized on the extra out anyway. It was a depressing night to be a Braves fan. But you'll be glad to know that Mike & I did NOT throw anything at the TV. Heh.


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