Thursday, October 4, 2012


"Ask not for whom the chime tolls, it tolls for thee." 

(Bowdlerized version of a John Donne poem refrain.)

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Well then, the debate.  Like virtually everyone who watched it with an open mind, I thought Romney stuffed the President.  Mr. Obama seemed professorial, bored, wishing he was somewhere else.  Romney was incredibly aggressive.  He won but today's Gallup tracking poll shows hardly any change in the President's 4 point lead over Romney.  So, do debates have any effect on the campaign?  It will have to be up to a much wiser political commentator than myself to tell.

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If you want to see an amazing video of a master kite flyer, hie thee over to my friend Warren's blog from Tucson - Touch the wind - and watch the show until the end.  Fantastic.

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If you want some real fantasy fun, plan on cyber-attending Tess Kincaid's annual ball at Willow Manor. 

You can meet anyone you've ever wanted to or even bring them yourself.  I hear Bobby Valentine is now free.  Maybe you could bring him.  Go here for all the details

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I finally got the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen today and watched it.  As a hopeless romantic, I give it 5 stars.  The other day I watched a 1979 flick A Little Romance, Diane Lane's first movie at the age of 13.  She co-starred with Laurence Olivier and the charming child actor Thelonious Bernard.  Bernard won a couple of awards, made one more movie and quit the business to resume his studies.  He went on to become a dentist and live quietly with his wife and children in France.

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O.K. lords and ladies.  That's my Thursday report.  Here's hoping your TGIF tomorrow is eventful and fun.


Stephen Hayes said...

I agree with your assessment of the debate. Obama was off his game and let Romney push him around. Round II had better be better.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Love the Kite Flyer....amazing!

Thérèse said...

Round three should be the one to listen to attentively... In the meantime you give us food for the mind...

Steve said...

I didn't catch it, but I guess I didn't miss anything.

Sharon said...

I agree with you and the others here about the debate. Hopefully, he'll have a little more fire in him next time and point out all the obvious lies.

The Bug said...

LOL about Bobby Valentine - I'm not sure he'd be a good dancer, but if you're wanting entertainment then he'd be a good date.

Tess Kincaid said...

Thanks for the share, Bruce!