Sunday, November 4, 2012


I was out running errands yesterday and made a stop at Fain Park.  I spent some time watching the ducks.

First there was one.

Then there were two.

Then there were four.

Then, finally bored with this silly game, they swam away.

Which brings me to today's Gratuitous Critter photo.

This one makes me wonder (a) what is the dog thinking, (b) what is the buffalo thinking, and (c) who will win this face-off.


Lowandslow said...

Great post Bruce. It really quacked me up (like you couldn't see that coming).

The buffalo is thinking "appetizer". The dog is thinking "Alpo on the hoof". The winner?

I'll go with the ducks. :)


Stephen Hayes said...

That dog is much to agile to get near the buffalo, and too smart to do so.

Steve said...

Your weather must still be nice.

The Bug said...

I love ducks. Maybe the dog thinks it's a border collie?

Meggie said...

The Buffalo and the Dog? Unthinkable here, of course.

Stafford Ray said...

Yes, smell the roses and watch the ducks. But do not, I say not do the opposite!