Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I spent all day today on the phone with tech support people trying to get my computer problems fixed.  I think they're o.k. now.  Just in time for a new ISP (Internet Service Provider, for you non-nerds).

All of this, of course, keeps me away from packing boxes.  I do have to hurl a few of them (that's a figure of speech) into the garage but mostly I've left all the grunt work to SWMBO.  Which is best since she will only find fault with what I do anyway.  Oh, that's not fair.  She's pretty good but she knows how she wants things done.

And I know how you women are reacting.  Dirty pig!  Uh, yeah.

But I do what I can and that's not very much these days.

There are three days left before we move.  SWMBO has finally agreed to have someone come in and clean the house after we leave, rather than come back and do it herself.  The BRD convinced her of that after, of course, I had spent weeks trying to convince her. 

So it continues.  There's really not that much to do but it will increase in velocity as the days shorten.

I'll keep you posted.


Lowandslow said...

By all means hire somebody to clean. I've done it myself before and it's exhausting and I wind up working for less than minimum wage. Pace yourself. Good luck. ;)


The Bug said...

Mike is the one in our family who knows how he wants things done - and I cheerfully let him do them :)

We didn't clean all that much when we moved from the apartment we'd lived in for about 13 years. The policy at the complex was to come in & repaint & replace the carpet after tenants moved out, so I just did the minimum cleaning to show we weren't pigs. Ha!

Tom Cochrun said...

A couple of ideas for you.
Stay out of the way.
Listen to SWMBO
and be a good bartender in the evening!

Steve said...

Good for you. I'm having Wi-Fi problems with my laptop.