Monday, March 18, 2013



Was it always like this?

Packing, cleaning, telephoning, emailing, grunge!

I must say that SWMBO has been doing 90% of the packing.  She's starting to look a bit glassy-eyed.  

I have been on the telephone and the computer for much of two days.  My eyes are looking bloodshot.

We move Saturday.  5 days from today.  Will we make it?

Who knows.

Nearly everything we own is in boxes, hopefully carefully labeled so we can find everything when we get to our new destination.  It's only two hours away yet it seems like light years.

If I ever mention moving again, somebody, everybody . . . please slap me up side the head.

We've been in our present home for 12 years.  We had forgotten what a pain it is to move your entire household.  In the past, in a couple of moves, we just sold everything we could and moved the bare minimum.  This time, it's all going with us.



Thérèse said...

Just think about the pint o' Guinness you'll savour under the Phoenix' sun in a couple of days!

Lowandslow said...

Yes, moving in a royal pain. While I recommend the "sell all you can first" method of moving, I understand for some that just isn't an option.

Hang tough Bruce. This too shall pass. ;)


The Bug said...

We had the same experience the last time we moved - but Mike did most of the packing poor guy. Next time I won't be so decrepit!

TomboCheck said...

As long as you aren't doing all the loading/unloading into the truck... that's the real pain of it. And realizing you accidentally packed the absolutely necessary _______, in some box that it didn't belong in. :) Hopefully it all seems worth it in a week!

Tom Cochrun said...

Just think how nice it will be to sit out on your patio, a nice beverage in hand and enjoy the glory of your new digs. Going into boxes is more difficult than pulling it out. Hang in there. The goal line is near.

Pixel Peeper said...

If I ever have to move again, I'm taking my purse, my car keys, and then set the rest of my stuff on fire.

During our last big move we had movers pack our stuff. I found the very important coffee maker in the 5th box marked "misc. kitch stuff." However, the glass carafe for the coffee maker was in a box marked "misc. living rm pictures." I found it three days later.

I hope all is going well with your move!