Thursday, September 19, 2013


My nephew, Barry, is celebrating (?) his 40th birthday today.

A good-looking lad, wouldn't you say?  He and his lovely wife Amy keep in shape by constantly back-packing, skiing, kayaking and whatever else they can think of to do on weekends.

But they do have some wind-down time and they might enjoy one of these in their house.

The BRD sent me this picture this morning with two notations: (1) finally got my sink fixed, and (2) don't worry, the left faucet pours white wine!

Well, a bit of warning to my nephew:

Finally, a picture I swiped from the Internet.  It's a fisherman close to shore at Ixtapa-Zijuatanejo in Mexico with a very interested group of on-lookers.


Amy Fred said...

Thanks for helping celebrate wonderful Barry!

Tom Cochrun said...

I spent a lovely week in Ixtapa-Zijuatanejo. It was the first place I tasted mango yogurt.

Tom said...

I wish we had taps (faucets) available on this side of the pond that could perform that miracle. Last chap over here that I heard could do that.....well you've heard of him!

Stephen Hayes said...

Happy Birthday Barry. And thanks for the great pics. I need to order one of those wine dispensers right away.

Steve in Germany said...

Ah, to be 40 again.