Monday, March 10, 2014


SWMBO was out manicuring our plum tree this morning.  Not for beauty's sake.  It was just that the low branches interfered with her getting to an outdoor faucet to turn on water to the hose.  She only clipped about three and brought them into the house to put in a vase. I thought that it looked very Japanese and having a designer's sense I added one of my Buddha sculptures.

The randomness of the branches, the light green vase and the serene meditating Buddha all seem to flow together in my mind.

But wait!

Another angle and another facet of Japanese art.  A cat!

Perfection!  All right, artists, shoot me down.


Steve said...

Bruce, looking damn good.

Stephen Hayes said...

These shots are very artistic.

Phil Perisich said...

The first picture is a mastepiece showing Buddha becoming enlightened under the Bodhi tree.

Tom said...

I do so love the contents of your home. Thank you for the invitation to come in.

Judy said...

Very nice! I would be surprised if there was not a cat somewhere close by.