Saturday, March 8, 2014


It's curious how cats choose which of their humans they gravitate toward.  Muggles spends most of her time with SWMBO. 
Blackwell is MY cat.  He follows me around the house and any time I sit down he jumps up into my lap for a nap.  A lap-nap.  Like late yesterday afternoon.

Just about to doze off.  

"If only he'd stop flashing that camera in my face."

O.K.  I turned off the flash.  But then . . .

"Was that a bird just outside the window??"

It's always amazed me how they can come instantly alert out of a dead sleep when something gets their attention. Blackwell always looks directly at me as if for proof of what he'd seen or heard.  Or condemnation for disturbing his nap.

"Shame on you, human friend.  But I'll stay.  
Your lap is warm and comfortable."


Steve said...

You Da Cat Man.

Lucy said...

'And don't you dare move, I have you pinned and will hex you if you try it!'

Munir said...

Awe - - - I guess a lap is better than a bird in a bush.

Franklin Bruce Taylor said...

Three astute observations. Not at all oddball.

Stephen Hayes said...

Someone has you well trained. I've heard it said and I think it's true that dogs have owners but cats have staff.

Steve said...

Did you rember to change your time? Oh, I forget, they don't do that in Arizona.

Sharon Anck said...

Cats are such interesting creatures. I've had several and I'd say they were all as different as night and day.