Thursday, March 6, 2014


Yesterday was a great day for contrails.

As we were heading home from running some errands, there were dozens of them in the sky at once.  I joked "Maybe Putin has launched an attack!"

Contrails, incidentally, are water.  You can learn more here.

Back home, some plum blossoms were getting ready to open to the sky.

And, apropos to absolutely nothing, do you know what a musician is? My friend, Meggie, in Australia posted this on Facebook the other day.

Sounds like that could have been written by the wife of a musician, don't you think?


  1. Thank goodness the contrails were friendly. I wonder if the Ukrainians could be that confident if it were their skies. So sad!

  2. We always call those jet streams, which I assume are the same thing. I remember how weird it was after 9/11 when there weren't any in the sky.

  3. Lots of folks flying somewhere.

  4. The musician definition is funny. I suspect more truthful than whimsy.

  5. Where is Art Bell when we need him? Could those be chemtrails instead of contrails? The kind of chemtrails the government uses to makes us docile.


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