Friday, March 7, 2014


O.K.  Pop the champagne.  This is my 1,600th blog post!

If you're drinking along, keep in mind this bit of wisdom.

And if you run out of liquid potables, help is on the way.

Actually to reach this number of posts means I was much younger back when this all began.  Now I'm just an old dog.

The rapid changes in technology have been hard on my cats, too.

Some cat owners are luckier than I am.  They get some help from their companions.

"Wowee!  Did you see that???"

Now, pardon this next little bit of xenophobia.

Here in Arizona, we have ways to make sure we don't have those kinds of collisions.  At least some Arizonans do.

I hope no one was offended.  This post by an old dog was all composed with a sense of humor.  As a friend from long ago that I just spoke with said:  "keep laughing and you'll live longer."

Have a fun weekend, folks!


Tom said...


lowandslow said...

Congrats you old dog! Ummm...where can I get one of those gunshot horns? ;)


joeh said...

Trouble with those horns is in some neighborhoods they fire back for real.


Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for the laughs, and for keeping me alive longer. And congratulations on 1600 posts. That's quite a milestone.

Steve said...

1600, like in Pennsylvania Ave. You would do good there.

Tom Cochrun said...

Congrats! You've earned a drink! Thanks for the chuckles as well. Cheers to you and SWMBO.

Judy said...

Congratulations on the longevity!

The Bug said...

Great job of entertaining me (it's all about me - right?)!