Thursday, August 21, 2014


Normally on TBT I post a picture of myself from my past.  But this Thursday I'm changing the format a bit.  First, from some time back and I'm not even sure where this occurred . . probably Iraq or Afghanistan . . my grandson, then-Sergeant Russell Milburn with the late Robin Williams.

Then a couple of pictures I received just this morning.

Sergeant Milburn, you see, is now a civilian.  That's a photo of him and his lovely wife, Kayla, and the new addition to their family, Alexis Marie.

She was born last night and I (and her parents) think she's a stunner.

Please accept this slight deviation from the norm from a proud great-grandfather.


  1. The beauty and the miracle of life!
    Moments to cherish.

  2. Sincere congratulations, grandpa.

  3. Congratulations indeed. I was very pleased and relieved when my son decided to not re-enlist; a Army Ranger with three deployments.
    Enjoy your granddaughter, they are a delight.

  4. So adorable! Makes me want to give her a cuddle. It's such a delight to hold a brand new baby.

  5. I can see your proud smile bursting through my computer screen. Congratulations to you and the proud parents.

  6. Congratulations to the grandfather and the parents. She is a stunner for sure. I love that photo with Robin Williams too.