Thursday, September 4, 2014


50 years ago yesterday, Arizona U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater launched his campaign for President from the courthouse steps in Prescott.  The anniversary was marked by a gathering of friends last night and a visit from the Senator's son, Barry Goldwater Jr.

I didn't attend though I covered the Senator through the years.  I went to Washington from Phoenix in 1974 or 1975 to cover the events surrounding a reunion of staff and friends.  It was billed as the 10th annual anniversary of Goldwater's non-inauguration.  I managed a handshake with then-President Gerald Ford.

I have many fond memories of Goldwater, though we didn't often share a political philosophy.  But he was a good man.

This picture is from a visit he made to North Dakota during his 1964 campaign.  I was a news reporter in Bismarck then and am standing just behind him, visible over his shoulder.

One added item, if you don't mind.  One of my colleagues at KFYR Radio at the time was a young (weren't we all) disc jockey named Dan Brannan.  Regular readers of this blog may recall my infrequent references to him as Danny Bananas.  Yesterday in Bismarck, Dan was honored by the North Dakota Broadcasters Association with the Pioneer Award.  Congratulations to him.


Jager said...

Dan Brannan, the Brannan Cannon. Good guy. Good for him!

BTW, Did Barry Goldwater's 2nd wife and his son ever get their differences with the crazy people running the Goldwater Institute straightened out? At one time she wanted his name taken off it.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Sorry, Jager, I don't know a thing about it.

Tom Cochrun said...

I Goldwater visits. He had family connections in Indiana and was a frequent visitor.
He was a fascinating man, larger than the mould/mold most politicians derive from.
I think your ears got better looking as you aged! :)

Sharon Anck said...

What a great photo and a wonderful memento. I have fond memories of being in Arizona (on vacation) during his presidential run and did some shopping at "Goldwater's" department store. They were selling little lapel pins that were tiny bottles of gold colored water. A little more subtle than the typical election pin.

Stephen Hayes said...

I was too young to think about politics back then, but I've heard enough about Barry Goldwater to think he was a great American, and someone who would not be welcomed in the current Republican tent.

Phil Perisich said...

Goldwater wanted to use nuclear wapons in Vietnam. For that, I will always think of him as a snake in the grass.

Lowandslow said...

Remember how far-out crazy we thought he was at the time? By today's standards he would be considered almost tame.


Catalyst/Taylor said...

I have one of those though the water inside has long since evaporated.

Thérèse said...

I would say I was too young to remember his politics ways but I heard so much about him along the years we spent in AZ. When I think "Goldwater" I think individualistic and a man with values.