Monday, October 27, 2014


Sometimes you don't appreciate what's around you, right there in plain sight. Very close to where I live, the Fitzmaurice ruins contain artifacts of the Mountain Patayan people who lived in the area some 14,000 years ago. Still the city (still called a town) has only been incorporated 36 years.  So while humans have been around here for hundreds of generations, it's a town with relatively little history.  

But just down the road a piece lies the town of Prescott, which this year is celebrating it's 150th anniversary.  1864 was when the first streets were laid out and homesites sold, even though it took almost 20 more years before they got around to incorporating.

Still there are many significant historical buildings right in downtown Prescott.  You can recognize them by the architecture and the stonework.

Not the least of these 19th Century structures is the Yavapai County Court House.

It's a grand old building that has been undergoing some badly needed renovations in the past year or so.

The Courthouse Plaza, or The Square. surrounds the building on all four sides. While it hosts many arts and crafts festivals throughout the summer months, it is also sacred ground. The flags flying honor the 19 firefighters who died in a wildfire in 2013.  

There are monuments to local citizens who served their country during many wars over the years, like this one honoring World War Two veterans and victims.

There was a familiar name among the listings.

That was my father's name.  He was Franklin Berry Taylor, known as Frank.  It's a version of my name also . . Franklin Bruce Taylor, known as Bruce, though in my senior years when I have to fill out more and more documents who demand my first and last name, I've begun to use Franklin.  It just makes life easier.

By the name, that name on the plaque is no relative of ours, at least as far as I know.

Neither is the guitar-maker's name I noticed on the front of a downtown store.

They're headquartered in El Cajon, California. Still . . I just might have to send off for one of their tee shirts.  I think I'd go for the antique-looking one.

That just would seem to fit with the theme I've been wandering around in today, wouldn't it?


Phil Perisich said...

One of the intersting things of this area is 66 Indian hilltop forts some with rock walls over 10 feet high. Thought to be Patayan; the forts are mostly intact.

The new Masonic Hall is over the Bank of America building by the Willow Creek Safeway.

Everyone falls in love with the Courthouse Plaza in Prescott. I know I did.

The name Taylor would have been an occupational name so somewhere there was a taylor in the Taylor family. The guitar maker obviously had a gypsy curse put on his Taylor ancestors at some time.

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for the interesting walk through your city. By the way, my middle name is Franklin.

Anonymous said...

My last name is a brand of salami. Expensive.

Judy said...

That was a fun trip through familiar territory!
I posted a picture of those AZ flags on October 4 of 2011. They were part of the centennial celebrations for the following February.

joeh said...

There is a tour bus with my name on it. I'd prefer a guitar.

Phil Perisich said...

There was a war criminal in The Hague with my last name, Momcilo Perisic. He was the Chief of Staff of the Yugoslav Army and the only Serb convicted of a war crimes from the Bosnian War (Milosovich died before he was convicted). Momcilo has now won an appeal and is out. I would prefer Mother Teresea.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Yes, apparently they have been re-purposed.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

You should have been more careful when choosing your grandparents!

Tom Cochrun said...

What a story there must be in the completion of each of those buildings. Some one had a vision and persisted.

Thérèse said...

Prescott is a town with a great heritage it seems to me and a great downtown vibe if I may say. Your pictures attest it.
A few names are not easy to carry around, I am still fighting to have my spouse's one used instead of my maiden name which carry 20 letters...

The Bug said...

Looks like a lovely town! You made me curious about how old my hometown (Hickory, NC) is. It was incorporated as Hickory Tavern in 1863. I was wondering why there aren't lovely old buildings in Hickory when Mike (whose first name is James - ha!), reminded me that it's not the county seat. There are a lot of lovely old homes there though.