Friday, December 12, 2014


Yes, I won't go away.  Here I am again with the confounded Friday Funnies.  First, an obligatory Christmas thought.

Next, we hear from a few celebrities.

For the dog lovers among you . . . don't leave them home alone.

And then there are my friends . . the cats!

Here's hoping you're fully charged for a great weekend.

Oh and by the way . . the actor and very successful Facebooker (he reportedly has more than 7,000 fans there) . . George Takei says what gets him the most likes, of course, are cat videos.

Keep laughing, folks, it will keep you young.


Phil Perisich said...

"Two teachers flirting" took me back to the sixth grade. A married male teacher I really admired flirting with a single woman teacher I couldn't stand. Sometimes cartoons hit the mark and bring back old memories.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the dogs the most. Laughing.

Tom said...

I don't know who taught Labrador dogs how to look so guilty, this being particularly evident in videos of them, but both the first teachers and their pupils were very good.

Stephen Hayes said...

It's amazing how many people are into cat videos.I enjoy many of them when I see them, but I won't seek them out.

Tom Cochrun said...

The dogs and the elf on the shelf is great! Keep smiling-

Steve said...

Good for smiles.