Saturday, December 13, 2014


I can't seem to get going today.  I don't know why unless it's because SWMBO is back home and I'm unconsciously letting things slide. But I wouldn't do that, would I?  I HAVE put a packet of Christmas cards in the mailbox.  They're rubber-banded together.  I told SWMBO that seemed like a kind of bad deal for our mail person. But she said the gal just picks them up, throws them in a box at the post office and the workers there sort them and mail them.  So my Christmas duties are done.

We are slow tempo holiday celebrators.  There's usually a big meal though this year we are going to a brunch with the BRD and her Beau Jack.  We don't gift each other anymore and the list of gift recipients is down to a couple.  So it goes by pretty easily.

Speaking of the BRD and Beau Jack, they just returned yesterday from a week on Kona Island*, Hawaii.  They seemed happy, having gone horseback riding, snorkeling, boat riding and generally exploring the island.  The BRD said it's the best island yet.  They've been to Hawaii a couple of other times and have visited at least Oahu and Maui.  The trip was hampered by a stomach virus that Jack suffered through for a couple of days, then the BRD caught it for a day or two.  But they each got over it and managed to cram a couple of days of touristing in.  The BRD said one of the memorable sights was when they were out in a boat Thursday (I think) and the Pineapple Clipper was slamming some pretty huge waves onto the black lava coast.  She said that was a treat.

We've not been to Hawaii and who knows if we'll ever make it.  It's getting a bit late in the game for us to have such travels.  We ARE going all the way to Phoenix (about 80 miles) this week to see our friend Diane and her new home there.  It's the right time of year to visit Phoenix.

I'm making Goulash for dinner tonight.  It's not really Hungarian, it's more of an Italian goulash with ground beef, pasta, tomatoes and a couple kinds of cheese.  On the recipe I have noted that I made it last November and it was good.  (I just checked back and there was nothing in my blog so it apparently wasn't sensational!)

Well, that's about all I've got for today.  Oh, here's a quiz.  Anyone know what this is?

It grows up at the end of the street and I don't remember what it looked like when it was at its peak.  It looks fluffy here but when you look a bit closer . . .

 . . . it looks more bristly.  Well, if anyone can identify it, let me know.

*This is incorrect.  Check the comment from Phil and my response for accurate information.


Tom Cochrun said...

The Goulash sounds great! As for "getting a bit late in the game to have such travels…"-shame on you! We know Cambrians well into their 80's who take Asian, European, South Pacific and even South Pole vacations and many who travel on Senior package cruises or trips. Snap to there laddie---by our village standards you are a mere middle ager.

azttttommy said...

Rabbit Brush - Ericameria nauseosa (95% sure)

Phil Perisich said...

Remember all the times you have corrected me? My turn. Kona is a town on the big island of Hawaii. Revenge is sweet.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

You are sweetened and precisely correct. The town they were at was Kona but the island (known as the big island because it is the biggest in Hawaii) is named Hawai'i. I'm not sure if that is pronounced the same as Hawaii, which is the collective name for the islands but regardless, Phil is correct. All hail Phil!

Stephen Hayes said...

I was wondering about that Kona Island. Thought I'd missed one.