Monday, December 15, 2014


The third Monday morning photo.

It's coming but at a glacial rate.

Here's my role model.

No, it may look like Santa Claus but it's really my old disc jockey pal Orly Knutson, known to radio listeners throughout North Dakota, Indiana and Minnesota for 50 illustrious years as The Happy Norwegian.  I seem to remember when his beard was blonde. 

'Course his hair is white, too, so he may have had a "head" start on me.


Phil Perisich said...

Are there celebrations in North Dakota on May 17th, Norwegian Independence Day? You two look like wild Vikings. I would lock my doors on May 17th.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Yah, sure, you betcha! I remember my wife's birthday by noting that it is five days before Norwegian Independence Day.

Steve said...

It's getting there.

Stephen Hayes said...

You're starting to have a significant gravitas about you. Maybe you could smile in the next photo?

Catalyst/Taylor said...

I'm smiling! I'm smiling!

Tom Cochrun said...

Looking better. Orly is a great role model. Smile next time.