Saturday, May 17, 2014


Saturday is a day the homeowner tends to go shopping, particularly if there's a special place to do it.  And there is.

Sited in a parking lot at Yavapai College, the Prescott Farmers Market is large and very popular.

Locally home-grown vegetables from small farms are the main draw.

But you can also buy your own herb plants here.

Or how about this: artichoke blooms.

There are also products to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can buy flowers here.

Or consider adopting a dog.

Or just spend your time people-watching.

(Those two colorful costumes caught my eye.)

If this all gets to be too much for you, you can even get a relaxing massage.

The farmers are a bit secretive about their various growing techniques.  One even had a slogan for it.

No day at an event in Prescott is complete without a little music.  So here you go.

Hey, maybe I'll see you next week at the Farmers Market!