Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm back home after traveling to Phoenix for a game at the old ball park today.  My buddy Steve did well by me, snaring a couple of seats on the first level.

The result on the field was not nearly as pleasurable.  After 3 and a half innings, the Diamondbacks were behind 7 to nothing.  But they kept fighting back and after 7 innings were only trailing by two runs, 7 to 5.  But that was as close as they would get as the Tigers' eighth inning netted them 4 more runs, 3 coming on a towering home run by superstar Miguel Cabrera.

But we had a great time at the game.  Which reminds me.  What kind of food do you eat at baseball games?  Hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and nowadays in Phoenix anyway such things as pizza and Mexican food.  But salad?  Who eats salad at a baseball game?

Well at least this trim young woman, diving into a fresh green salad.

Speaking of tradition, there's another one, as shown in this picture.

Did you get it?  It's the three men in the lower right, taking a selfie!

Speaking of photographs, I had to get one more.  There was a pretty girl who kept holding up a homemade sign, hoping the cameras would spot her and put her picture up on the jumbotron.  A couple of times, between innings, she went down closer to the field and held up the sign, waving it back and forth.  Alas!  She didn't make it to her personal 10 seconds of fame.  So I went down to her row after the game and told her I'd take her picture and put it on the Internet. Here she is.

Now I ask you.  How could those cynical cameramen have resisted that beautiful smile?  I hope this pleases her.


As I said yesterday, my pal Steve called me yesterday and invited me down for a Diamondbacks' baseball game today.

A little background here.  Steve was born in Tucson and has lived in Phoenix for more than 40 years.  He was a television photographer when I met him and has worked as a self-employed videographer for many years now.  In both occupations he spent a lot of time outdoors working in Arizona's hot sun.  So, he's got a pretty darned good tan.

I, on the other hand, only worked outdoors for a few years and then spent the bulk of my career at an inside desk job, from which I've been retired for many, many years.  I don't play golf or anything else that takes me outside a lot and that coupled with my Norwegian/English heritage has left me with a pasty white complexion which Steve always teases me about when we get together.  Especially if we're both wearing shorts and my glaring white legs are next to his mahogany ones.

But I can take it and I still accept his baseball invitations.

So today, I'm off to see the lizard.