Tuesday, February 24, 2015


40 degrees outside. Sun is shining but it's a lying sun. It doesn't have any heat reaching the Earth. It's one of those winter suns that seems to shine brightly but leaves the air crystalline. I think it was warmer yesterday. I know the rain clouds blowing through left us with a moderately nice sunset. I have evidence.

Of course we're proud of our Arizona sunsets. But you know what? So is everyone else everywhere. Some places like Hawaii and along the California coast and, of course, on my beloved Pacific coast of Mexico, have nice ones every day.  Even without clouds the sight of the sun seemingly sinking into the ocean far away is a sight to behold. 

I can remember the first time we were at the beach in Mexico . . Mazatlan probably. We were having a drink at one of those beach bars when suddenly it got very quiet. The musicians stopped playing. The bartenders stopped mixing. The customers stopped drinking and talking. And everyone was staring out to sea. We turned and looked too. It was the sun, still blazing but sinking slowly . . well, no, actually rather quickly . . lower and lower into the sea.  Or so it seemed. The scientist in me knew it was the rotation of the earth and our spot in paradise turning gradually away from the sun. Anyway finally the sun blinked out. No, I didn't see the green flash of light that people say occurs. But it was quite a sight. And all over the beach people had gone silent as if in some chapel to mark this everyday end of the day.

Then everyone turned around and ordered another drink as the music and raucous conversation picked up again.

It was a nice moment.

The silent part, I mean.

One of those Mexican beach sunsets
Barra de Navidad, Jalisco
Sometime in the 1980's


Tom Cochrun said...

I don't thinkI've heard the sun referred to as a "lying sun." Borrowing from Taylor Swift, perhaps you should seek a copyright on the phrase.
Sunsets are marvelous free shows aren't they?
Probably one of the greatest places for the ambiance is in Key West at Mallory Square where they have a nightly "celebration" complete with acts-jugglers, fire or sword eaters, unicycle riders, dancers, street performers, psychics and arts and crafts and etc. What would a Key West sunset be without a psychic eh?

Your neighbor whose good house is never done said...

I like that. Lying sun. I walked @ 7am. Snow (not frost) on all the roofs. Obviously don't know how to dress for this weather. I should have put Reggie's red turtleneck on him. Beautiful sunRISE this morning, over Mingus. Did you catch it?

Catalyst/Taylor said...

We have not been to Key West but have heard about the sunset shows. As well as some other things of a less seemly nature.

Catalyst/Taylor said...

Sun RISE? Are you insane? No, I'm afraid I was still snuggled in the arms of Morpheus at 7 a.m. (No cracks, now.)

Stephen Hayes said...

I love the poetic, spiritual manner in which you described that sunset. I feel the same way when watching the sun slide beneath the horizon.

Steve said...

I've seen it rise and set all over the world. And still glad I can.

Thérèse said...

It is probably the best comfort in life we can find.