Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vandalism & Throwback Thursday

I, and most of northern Arizona, was without my usual Internet service for around 6 hours yesterday due to a fiber optic cable being cut by vandals.  They must have had a pretty good size cutter, too, because in the video I saw on television the cable looked to be about 8 inches or so in diameter. At any rate, much of my area had no telephone or Internet service, which also affected banks and quite a few stores that have digital card readers or cash registers or telephones. While my desktop computer was one of those affected I did have the Internet via my smartphone and, of course, I had phone service. But I hope they catch the bad guys. It does make us realize how dependent we are on technology in these modern days.

But enough about modern days.  Let's go back, back, back to the much simpler and sillier days of the 1980's and Christmas Eve in Guadalajara, Mexico, shall we?

Yes, it's SWMBO and your serious scribe at a holiday fiesta, along with perhaps a few too many margaritas.



  1. Ha! That sombrero made enough shade for both of you. ;)

  2. Maybe a few more details about your Mexican sojourn? Had you planned on residing there permanently or was it just a period in your life and you were always planning on returning to the States?

  3. Trying out for a part in the Cisco Kid? Looks like you raided wardrobe to "borrow" Pancho's hat. Maybe you can wear that in April.

    And at what number exactly does "a few too many margaritas" begin?

    Tough news on the cable cut. Hope the legal system catches them, before you and Cisco do.

  4. I'm with Stephen - more stories please!

  5. Nice hat. This is the second blog post in a row about your internet woes. (In my reader, anyway.)

  6. Life without Internet Service could easily lead to a Fiesta too...

  7. Looks like a good time was had by all!
    I was on line when that cable got cut. I spent the rest of the day trying to fix my wifi. Then later, after I turned on the TV and found that all the Phoenix stations were gone, I went to that local info station and found out what happened.