Saturday, March 7, 2015


This post is intended to appeal to your sweet tooth. 

If you like chocolate.

And, if you don't, what the heck are you doing here anyway?

I've been baking a little recently.

A week or so ago I created a delicious chocolate cake with a rich chocolate frosting. 

Unfortunately I didn't photograph it.

But we ate it.

Yesterday I tried another new recipe.

Here is the result.

It's called a chocolate truffle pie.

If that doesn't sound rich enough for you . .

. . you have to try a piece with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Believe your eyes and my words.

It's rich enough.


The Bug said...

Oh my word - I think I need that recipe!!

Tom said...

Well now! I have to say that I was unaware that a liking for oodles of chocolate was a necessary condition for being here. :)

When I consider the calories, and all the other *!"%^@ 's, I worry for you!

Your neighbor whose good house is never done said...

I'm staying a 30 feet radius away from your house.

Your neighbor whose good house is never done said...

Wait a minute! I thought you were walking to lose weight. Zero alcohol to lose weight. Don't tell me it was to eat chocolate!

joeh said...

Chocolate is not my favorite, or my next favorite, but it is one damn tasty third! Looks good, If i lose 12 more pounds, I may try some.

Stephen Hayes said...

So much chocolate; so little time.

Should Fish More said...

Pay no attentions to these cretins.....I'd be worried about theft were I you, so why don't you send those pies, cookies, whatever to me, and I'll keep them safe!

Tom Cochrun said...

Oh my! You might want to bring that one back in April!

Sharon Anck said...


Val said...

I just gained 10 pounds from looking at it!