Friday, March 6, 2015


Fiorello LaGuardia was a legendary mayor of New York City back in the 1940's. Lesser known is that he went to elementary and high school in Prescott, Arizona while his father held a position as bandmaster at Fort Whipple.

So why, on this bright, sunny Friday, do I bring up this tad of history? Because during a newspaper strike in New York while LaGuardia was mayor he became famous for reading the comics on the radio. If you're too young to have heard of this . . you could look it up, (i.e. Google it).

All of which is prelude to the true business of the day: the Friday Funnies!

I know what he means.  It's enough to drive one to drink.

That's a little pessimistic. Let's get some relief from our friends, the cats.

Guess the cats and I are all feeling a bit cynical today.  But it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, let's get out there and enjoy it. Thanks to all of my "contributors" and keep smiling, everybody.


Lori said...

Love 'em!

The Bug said...

Most amusing, as usual. Thanks!

joeh said...

I'm using the keys in the wrong pocket one!

Anonymous said...

Woodstock and the catty cat are the best.

Stephen Hayes said...

That girl really does need a cheeseburger...more than one. Happy Weekend.