Saturday, March 28, 2015


As you enter the development where we live you come to a stop sign where you can either go straight ahead or turn left or right. Straight and left are homes in StoneRidge. To the right is a gravel road which leads to some scattered homes outside the development.

The other day I was driving around, exploring, and decided to try that rough road to see what I could see. I was amazed to find it turn back into pavement a mile or so in and then to see what I saw.

The road turned out to be the Old Black Canyon Highway which before the Interstate Highway System came to Arizona was the way one drove to Phoenix. The land, as does StoneRidge further south and east, backs up to the Bradshaw Mountains.

But what really got me was the immense size of many of the houses in this "back of the beyond".

Notice that one second from the left even has its own planetarium.

This next one, sitting high atop a hill, was my favorite.

It's hard to believe that is a home. It looks more like a mountain chalet or a country club of some sort. It must have a massive fireplace, judging by the size of that chimney.

One can often be surprised by what one finds by just a little looking around.


  1. Remember that section of OBC (Old Black Canyon) when 69 is backed up for an accident. It's a way to get home. I've used it a few times, coming from Costco, turn right at the hotel.

  2. High country, high real-estate with high prices. Good to see your reporter's curiosity at work. Don't you always find something interesting when you take the "road less traveled?"

  3. I've long wondered where the bankers from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were now.

  4. It amazes me how much money there is in this world, and how little of it I have.

  5. That favorite house of yours...until SWMBO tells to wash the windows.

  6. Some people must have a lot of money. Impressive homes, though.

  7. We haven't driven the 'Old Black Canyon' for a few years. Looks like there was a housing boom.

  8. Ooh I'd probably go that way all the time (if I had time, that is).


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