Friday, March 27, 2015



Thank God It's Franklin.

Er, wait, that's not right.

Oh, never mind. Rev up your chuckle cortex.

Yup, Spring has definitely arrived. The temperature is forecast to hit 94 in Phoenix this weekend. And it's still March!

Still, there remain a few science deniers out there.

I'll just ignore the "flat earthers" and pet my cats. 


Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks to my contributors and always remember . . . (what was it????) . . . oh, yeah, keep laughing!


L Lewis said...

Ah, yes, herding dogs love to bite but smile while they do it!

Stephen Hayes said...

Love that Titanic analogy. Have a terrific weekend.

Steve said...

Cat, good stuff.

The Bug said...

The titanic one is my favorite this week. Well, I like the kitten too - ha! Oh, and our forecast is for 37 tomorrow & 50 on Sunday (which is good because we'll be walking around outside the church with our palms on that day).

Sharon Anck said...

I love that titanic poster.....perfect!