Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The Courthouse Square in Prescott had a couple of celebrity guests recently.

No, folks, it wasn't George Clooney and his new bride.

It was BIG celebrities.

I don't know where Mickey Mouse was but that's Goofy! Looks like he may need to get on the exercise machine to take care of that pot belly.

Nearby another character was keeping an eye on things.

No doubt watching for careless smokers and others who might start forest fires.

At least he had the good sense to take it easy on a chair.

Smokey the Bear and Goofy the Dog were both on hand to mark Prescott's 2015 recognition of Earth Day.


  1. Thank you, I still call them forest fires also. Wild fire? What the heck is a wildfire?

  2. You really get around! Lucky for those 2 that Earth Day isn't in August or they would be roasting!

  3. I bet it gets pretty warm in those costumes.

  4. Very nice of them to have come to visit Prescott! And ii is for a good cause.