Monday, April 27, 2015


Saturday some of my birthday gang and I took a little road trip which culminated in a visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross near Sedona.

I was somewhat castigated for taking a picture and commenting this is how the amazing structure was able to be built.

But another one of our party who shall remain unidentified topped me as we were gazing at a mega-structure down below the chapel.

That's a single family home with a great view. My companion commented "That must be the home of the pastor!"

When no lightning bolts hit him or me, we chatted with one of the men working to guide traffic to parking spaces around the chapel. He told us the house was owned by a man from Phoenix and was estimated to be worth something upwards of 20 million dollars. He told us it cost a million dollars just to clear and grade the land before construction began. He also said the owner visits perhaps once a year and they hadn't seen him for about two years now. Meantime the waterfall keeps flowing into the pond.

Nevertheless, the views in the area are spectacular.

The forces of erosion over the centuries have created a phantasmagoria of nature. 

And we were lucky enough to be there when a cactus was in bloom.


  1. Great shots! That's quite a hill to walk up to that chapel.

  2. I've visited this chapel and it's wonderful to see. Too bad Sedona wasn't preserved as a National park to protect it from development.

  3. Nice place, that's a growth industry, for sure. Let me know if they go public....

  4. What a view except for that mansion of course!