Thursday, April 16, 2015


Where I lived for 15 years, Phoenix, Arizona, people like to brag about the swimming pool they have in their back yard.

Well, big deal, sez I.

I had a pool in my backyard in NORTH DAKOTA when I was a kid. 'Course, with our tundra weather it was only open for a couple of weeks in our abbreviated summer. But still.

Oh, want proof, do ya?


Be prepared to watch the future young Olympian about to dive in for a refreshing dip.


The Bug said...

Ha! Love that picture!

joeh said...

An you could ice skate on it the rest of the year!

Steve said...

Like Joeh said, I bet you ice skated on it in winter.

Catalyst said...

We just ice skated in the street, which was frozen solid most of the year.

Stephen Hayes said...

You look like a future Olympian. Love the little white belt.

Frank Phillippi said...

Actually that was your bathtub which you used at least once a year

Tom Cochrun said...

Is that the tub you used while bobbing for apples?