Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I was standing by the patio door gazing out at the back yard this morning when a movement caught my eye. SWMBO was sitting nearby and I told her "there's a little lizard doing push-ups on our hose."

I then went to the window in my den which looks directly down on the scene and snapped this picture.

As I said he's a pretty small lizard so you may have trouble seeing him.  Here's a closer view.

I'm not sure what the little rascal thinks he's going to do with that hose but it's probably warm from the sun so that may be the sole attraction.

There are many of these tiny fellows around the property. We tolerate them because they keep the bug population from overrunning us.

I've only seen one bunny this year and the warblers are still occupying a nest outside our front door. No sign of little ones yet.

And that's your wildlife update for today.


joeh said...

Hot water baseboard heating is the best.

Stephen Hayes said...

Interesting that today we both posted pictures of lizards. Great minds think alike, they say, whoever the heck "they" are.

Steve said...

Love the wildlife update.

Tom said...

A fine visitor indeed.

Tom Cochrun said...

Could that lizard have a crush on that hose? Could he/she be confused and think he/she's found cuddle buddy?

The Bug said...

I opened the back door & startled our "puppy" (groundhog) this morning. Made me laugh!